• Interior Paint
  • Colors: White & Tints
  • Low VOC
  • Sheen: Flat, Eggshell & Semi-Gloss

Proline is a superior, high quality acrylic wall paint that offers rich, elegant finish with exceptional coverage, durability and washability. Proline is a low VOC latex enamel for general use on interior woodwork and walls.

Wonderglo Hi-Hide


  • Colors: White, Tints 931
  • Pigmented Modified Acrylic Latex Eggshell Enamel
  • Ideal for general use on interior walls and woodwork

A high-hide acrylic base emulsion for general interior use on wood millwork and walls. Wonderglo provides excellent adhesion to new or previously painted surfaces and permanent flexibility with high alkali resistance. This is a premium quality interior acrylic designed to provide long lasting protection and beauty.

Acrylic Enamel


  • Interior/Exterior
  • Color: White & Custom Tints
  • Sheen: Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss
  • Excellent Color and Sheen Retention

A top quality, multipurpose acrylic enamel ideal for exterior and interior projects. Farwest Acrylic Enamel provides an exceptionally durable finish for exterior and interior surfaces that require a moisture resistant, washable coating. Ideal for exterior metal and fine wood, as well as interior wood, masonry and metal surfaces. Its durable, moisture resistant film provides the performance of an enamel finish with the benefits of water clean-up and low odor.

Flat Ceiling Paint


  • Interior
  • Color: White & Custom Tints
  • Sheen: Flat

Interior flat ceiling paint is a one coat, ultra flat, vinyl acrylic latex.



  • Colors: White 6000, Tints 6003
  • 100% Acrylic Enamel
  • Ideal for exterior wood, fiber cement board, stucco, concrete and masonry

Acri-Guard is made from the highest quality resins and is 100% acrylic. Acri-Guard offers superb adhesion, washability and coverage making it ideal for any commercial or residential building. A premium quality exterior paint that covers most surfaces in one coat providing a breathable film for years of long lasting beauty and protection.