Floor Grip (220, 222, 223, 1007X)


  • Colors: Black #220, Light Gray #222, Dark Gray #223 as well as an unlimited range of tinted colors
  • Acrylic Modified Alkyd Aggregate Coating
  • For use on steel, aluminum or concrete masonry

A non-slip, non-skid alkyd aggregate coating. It contains a special aggregate combination which withstands rough weather conditions and daily wear and tear. Can be used on decks, porches, walkways, ramps, steps, boat decks, bridgeways and numerous other industrial applications.

Skythane II (1500, 1515)


  • Colors: White – 1500, Clear – 1515
  • Non-Yellowing Acrylic-Aliphatic Urethane
  • Use on ferrous metals, prepared steel, aluminum, concrete or wood

A two component acrylic urethane finish designed for extra durability and resistance to strong chemicals such as; acids, alkalis, solvents, salty spray and corrosion over a variety of substrates. Suitable for use on interior or exterior surfaces.

Old Sailor (250 Series)


  • 10 Stock Colors
  • Gloss Alkyd Enamel

This is an excellent marine enamel finish which withstands all types of weather conditions. The fully cured finish can withstand repeated washing and normal everyday abuse. It has proven performance in topside use. Not for use under water line.

SeaFin Teak Oil


  • Interior/Exterior
  • Brightwork
  • Use on Doors, Rails & Furniture
  • Wood Surfaces Exposed to Moisture
  • Polishing Varnished Surfaces

Daly’s Seafin Teak Oil is a penetrating, hard-drying, low sheen oil finish, designed for sealing and finishing interior and exterior woods, especially teak on boats. It will not chip, crack, blister or peel when properly applied and maintained, thus reducing maintenance by eliminating scraping, sanding and refinishing. Seafin Teak Oil may be applied while vessel is underway to refurbish or touch up worn or marred areas, and may be used as a maintenance and intermittent coat, giving exsisting varnished surfaces longer life. When used on teak or wood decks, Seafin Teak oil provides a durable non-slip surface to repel water and resist wear.

SeaFin Ship’n Shore


  • Interior/Exterior
  • Waterproofing Sealer
  • Helps Stabalize Wood
  • Use on Siding, Decks & Hot Tub Areas
  • Marine use on Decks & Ladders

Daly’s Seafin Ship’n Shore is a deeply penetrating wood waterproofing sealer. As it penetrates, Seafin Ship’n Shore becomes an integral part of the cell structure, hardening the wood from 15% to 25%. Seafin Ship’n Shore is practically colorless, odorless and nontoxic. Does not raise the grain and because of deep penetration, leaves no surface film to chip, crack, chalk, blister or peel. Seafin Ship’n Shore is an excellent conditioner for wood surfaces such as siding, decks, handrails, cabins, hulls, masts and any area where paint or varnish is to be used.

SeaFin Super Spar Varnish


  • Interior/Exterior
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Use on Boats, Patio Furniture & Doors
  • Excellent Protection from Weathering

Daly’s Seafin SuperSpar Varnish is designed for marine and exterior surfaces such as boats, pato furniture, doors or surfaces where a clear gloss finish is desired. Seafin SupSpar with UVA (Ultraviolet Light Absorber) offers excellent protection from exterior elements such as salt air, sun and water. Seafin SuperSpar Varnish is also resistant to boiling water, hot lubricating oils, caustic soda, ammonia and sulfuric acid.

SeaFin Aquaspar


  • Interior/Exterior
  • High Gloss & Satin Finishes
  • Boats, Patio Furniture & Doors

Daly’s Seafin AquaSpar is a clear, protective, water-borne polyurethane, containing UVA (Ultraviolet Light Absorber). AquaSpar is non-flammable, contains no petroleum distillates and forms a durable, non-toxic finish.

SeaFin Teak Cleaner


  • Interior/Exterior
  • Restores Weathered Teak
  • Use to Clean Wood Only

Daly’s SeaFin Teak Cleaner is a one-part cleaner for restoring weathered teak prior to applying a new finish.