Synthetic Thinner


  • Good for use as a solvent on various spray applications
  • #605

Synthetic Thinner is an aromatic solvent used for thinning enamels where a fast setting and drying condition is necessary.

Lacquer Thinner


  • #610

Lacquer Thinner is designed for thinning lacquers and some selected paints where fast drying and setting are necessary.

Mineral Spirits


  • Klean Strip & Sunnyside Available

Mineral Spirits are an aliphatic thinner used for thinning enamels and oil based paints where a slower drying condition is necessary; e.g. brushing paint on or as a retarder for too fast of a set.

Paint Stripper


  • May be used on Metal, Wood & Glass
  • Klean Strips

A fast acting paint stripper which contains no caustic, acid or flammable solvent. This product readily removes paint, varnish, lacquer, baked enamel and shellac safely from most surfaces.